Credit Solutions

Personal, business and home financing with flexible terms, and attractive rates.


Personal Loan

Credibom is flexible finance solution for anyone looking for a personal loan. These funds can be used for anything from an emergency, to assistance with school fee payments, home improvements or household items.

Individual Micro-loan

Business Loan

This loan is ideal for anyone looking for a flexible finance solution to grow their small business, whether for working capital, or a cash injection to buy equipment. This loan is perfect for traders who has been in the same business for more than 6 months.

Small Business Loans

Business Loan

This loan is tailor made for small to medium business looking for funding to grow and expand their business. Whether finance is required for a working capital or a cash injection to purchase assests, this loan will help any business develop.

Solidarity Loan

Group Loan

A short term loan designed for micro-entrepreneurs organised into groups. This loan can be aquired by groups of 4-8 people to be used as working capital for their small businesses.

Payroll Loan

Personal Loan

A personal Loan product designed to meet customer needs through fast and reliable finance solutions. This product is only intended for Public Officials with payroll agreements in place.

Agricultural Loan

Small Business Loan

The MBC Agricultural loan is designed to finance farmers through inputs rather than cash, however part of the loan can be given as cash. This flexible finance solution is perfect for farmers looking to funding to increase agricultural prodiuctivity and improve farming activities.