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Five reasons to start your emergency fund today

10 December 2018  Mybucks Finance

Five reasons to start your emergency fund today:  At MBC, we sympathise. Emergencies are draining – so why should they drain the budget too?

We’ve all been there: A dreaded emergency that costs money…

Money, money, money that we can’t afford to spare, and our budgets are left picking up the pieces and looking under the couch.

At MBC, we sympathise. Emergencies are draining – so why should they drain the budget too?
Whether your car just won’t start, your roof won’t stop leaking – or worse, your child has broken a tooth, it’s always best to be prepared. Here are five reasons why, and few tips to get that emergency fund going today.

### 1. For when your income just stops coming in…

You never know when you might lose your job or when business is a little slow. In our current climate, your income is as vital as the air you breathe, so make sure breathing’s easy when it is removed.

Our tip: Use a debit order every month to put a little away. That way, you don’t have to be reminded!

### 2. Car problems are the worst!

If you’ve enjoyed the freedom of your wheels long enough to need to replace the tyres, you’ll understand all too well that an emergency fund is the most affordable way to replace burnt rubber (and all those other things that just might break when you need them most).

Our tip: Use an investment-type savings that gives you the best return. Shop around and speak to a financial advisor

### 3. Oh no! Not the other tooth…

Sure, you might have medical aid, but if you do you’ll know the frustration when something isn’t covered. In fact, medical aid or not, many of us probably already know the costs of sorting through a medical emergency that just can’t wait. This time round, make sure you’re prepared.

Our tip: Use a savings account that is immediately accessible if you need it in an emergency. You just never know when…

### 4. When the roof stops leaking, the geyser might start…

Home emergencies are nothing short of annoying, but when they come in winter they’re more cold-hearted than ever. Whatever the cost, an emergency is an emergency and cold showers might not be your thing. So be prepared!

Our tip: If there’s money left over at the end of the month, forget about that expensive dinner. Stash the cash!

### 5. Four legs cost as much as two!

If you have a pet, you’ll know that a veterinary visit can be as expensive as a doctor, and if you care to spend it, you’ll be spending through the roof. Yes, animals have emergencies too, but unfortunately don’t have their own wallets. Make sure yours is prepared!

Our tip: Never cut back if your emergency fund is doing well. If anything, set new targets and save more than ever.

__Emergencies don’t have to be tough on the budget.__

So go on. Be prepared. Start that emergency fund today as if it’s an emergency itself. It is!


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