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Opportunity Account

Deposit account

The Opportunity Account is a savings account not only that accrues great interest, but also offers free access to personal accident insurance to account beneficiaries. This account is ideal for a person looking to save for a long term goal.

Ordinary Savings Account

Deposit Account

The Ordinary Savigs account allows you to save money and still earn interest. It is a multi-functional account where you can deposit, withdraw, make transfers, check your balance and more.This account is perfect for individuals who want to save money for specific expenses or for long-term goals.

Transactional Account

Current Account

The Transactional Account enables customers a safe and convenient way to secure funds, and allows access to funds at any time. Customers can access or withdraw funds via ATM's any store with a POS machine, mobile banking or internet. This account is perfect for any customer that needs security over their hard earned money and the freedom to use their money when and whey want to.

Time Deposit Account

Deposit Account

This is a fixed deposit account in which a customer can make monthly deposits of a certain amount for a predetermined period. During the predetermined period the customer is unable to withdraw funds, while attractive interest is earned on savings. This account is perfect for an individual saving for a goal and does not want to spend their savings.